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The Bedeviled Heart

The Bedeviled Heart - Carmen Caine I read this book a while ago but for whatever reason did not review it. Maybe it was part of a bundle. I don't do very well with bundles.

Cameron was cursed, or so he believed. He had been a widower again and again and again, well, sort of. Because he never really was married to any of those poor souls who died their untimely demise. Women drop dead around him, whoever became betrothed to him, died. So he somehow resolved that he would never marry because at this point, no one would betroth their daughter to him.

Enters Kate, a peasant girl, poor as dirt. She worked in taverns, selling useless charms for a living to support her sick father. OK at this point I already lost interest in Kate. I cannot connect with a heroine who isn't.....well....somehow educated. Kate was portrayed in a rather unflattering light. She seemed rather unsophisticated and was able to charm Cameron because of her...well, ruggedness. Not exactly what I aspire to be so I found her hard to connect with.

The relationship is lukewarm at best. Cameron was a rather "soft" highlander. He was not brooding, not a tall dark stranger. He was just.....unlucky. That gave him kind of a comedy flair. That made his relationship with peasant girl Kate kind of funny. Then I had to roll my eyes when Kate was hired to be the maid for Cameron's intended. I did not know how the story could progress from there. So Cameron's evil intended was going to make Kate's life miserable? Cameron already kind of fell in love with Kate but he was to travel with his future wife home with Kate in tow? The plots are distracting. I do not know what happened to the main relationship, because nothing happened. They met, they liked each other, they kind of flirted, they kind of kissed, they kind of could not be together but they kind of were trapped together somehow. Where is the romance?

As a story, the book might not be too bad. The romance is however, sorely lacking.