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Lord of Temptation

Lord of Temptation  - Paula Quinn Ugh a TSTL heroine, I hate.

Dante (What a name, I have always associated this name with Inferno) the hero was a rake and a warrior serving under King William after William the Conqueror was made King. His brother Brand was the hero in the first book of the series and I have read about Dante in Brand's book. Dante appeared to be a light-hearted, friendly, charming character who had women falling all over for him everywhere he went.

I should have known that with such a rakish character, of course his match would have to be a woman who did not care about him at all. This is not very original and I found the idea rather boring. But like I said before, I like Paula Quinn and medieval is one of my favorite period setting. I decided to read Dante's book anyways. Dante is paired with Gia, a servant in another Lord's home. I do not mind that she was a servant. But I certainly mind her hypocrisy and childishness.

I read another reviewer's observation that Gia was playing hard to get. Such an acute observation. Gia was totally playing hard to get. She was just unnecessarily mean to Dante, who had been nothing but nice to her. I don't know why "women of her own mind" always have to act like an idiot in a fiction. Can you not tell that this man is kind to you? Gia treated Dante like crap because she was distrustful of nobility and afraid of being abandoned again (her father left her). I got tired of her idiotic behaviors very early on and wanted to slap her. Everything about her screams insecurity and low self-esteem.

But I read on, because Paula Quinn always paints a vivid historical picture and I love it. I could almost like the book. Dante is sweet and the writing is good. Then Gia did something. I snapped.

So Dante was obvious in his interest. He told Gia that if she wasn't interested in a liaison with him, she could go to another holding of his or go to his brother's home. If it was Gia's wish to not be involved with him, he did not want Gia to stay in the same place as he was because understandably, out of sight out of mind.

I thought that was reasonable, no? He did not owe Gia anything but he was offering her freedom and safe passage to a new home and a secure future, if she turned him down. I mean, how much more reasonable can a noble man be?

So our dear wonderfully rebellious Gia (you hear the sarcastic tone in my voice?), who listened to nobody and was so very tough, pulled out all the wicks in the candles during the night. Why? Because she was angry, of course! How dare Dante told her to go!

I mean how is that cute? You told the guy you didn't want him. Guy said ok, that is fine but I will keep my distance. I am the Lord of the castle so unfortunately I cannot leave. I will send you to another holding where I rarely visit. Then you get pissed because he is sending you away? I mean I thought you didn't want him. Why do you care if he is indeed sending you away? And how is pulling all the wicks out of the candles supposed to help? This is what children do. They throw a tantrum when they do not get what they want. But wait, I thought you got what you wanted? Guy is leaving you alone, as you have demanded. So you got what you wanted and that is why you pulled all the wicks out of the candles?


I really could have liked this book and given the book 3 stars. But I cannot abide such idiocy from a woman. I never could tolerate childish behaviors. An insecure woman not knowing her mind and acting childishly while being in denial, this could kill any great books for me.