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The Irish Warrior

The Irish Warrior - Kris Kennedy I read this book in one sitting, 6 hours back to back.

It's a gripping tale. My second book by Kris Kennedy and I loved how she tells a story. Her characters (especially the male characters) have such charms. They do not exactly say things that melt your heart. It's their actions that do the magic. I love her characters so far. But they could use more depth and consistency.

Plot development is another thing that needs work. All my observations on her debut novel [b: The Conqueror|6062802|The Conqueror|Kris Kennedy|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348548360s/6062802.jpg|6239077] apply to this one too. Characters lack something to be truly exceptional, plots are interesting at best. A lot of loose ends in the book which were left hanging. But I see much potential in Kris Kennedy.

Despite all the flaws I observed in the plots and characters, I read the book with much enthusiasm. It is a complicated tale featuring an English lady Senna, a capable wool merchant forced into trade because of her "irresponsible" parents (who turned out to be not irresponsible at all). Senna set out on a venture to locate an "investor" for her wool business, only to find upon her arrival that the man wanted to force her to marry him and produce a special dye for him. An Irishman, Finian, imprisoned by said evil man, attempted to save Senna but was not able to due to his captivity. Senna then in turn, released him from prison and asked him to take her to safety.

I also want to make a point in saying that the steam level of this book is rather high. I find her intimate scenes well done. This book however, features something that is more on the risque side. Maybe I am too much of a prude. I didn't dislike it. I just was not sure what I should think about it. Suffice it to say that I still find the physical part of the book satisfactory, with something extra to wonder about.

Senna and Finian are both very complex characters with very interesting family history. Kris Kennedy successfully created these 2 characters with depth and multi facets. I found them extremely intriguing. The relationship development could have been better, so is the plot. But as I said, this is Kris Kennedy's second book and I have seen progress since her first book, which I also liked a lot. I remain hopeful that she would grow as a writer. She weaves a compelling tale. She just needs to smooth the romantic relationship and trim down unnecessary plots and characters so that the story appears more focused.

I also find the Irish elements enchanting. I love the medieval/Irish/Gaelic atmosphere. This book captured me from almost page one and I was not able to let it go until I finished it at 4am. My heart was in my throat for the romance, the sexual tension, the danger of their journey, and the political intrigue. Ms. Kennerdy, you have a new fan in me.