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The Highlander

The Highlander - Heather Grothaus I am not sure how I finished the book because it was a really silly story. The writing was not so great with repeated usage of the same phrases over and over again. The hero and heroine crying out of nowhere m, abrupt actions of the characters make the book almost funny.

But I read on. It was not a chore to continue like most 2 stars books for me. Conrall and Eve both lied to each other. Their relationship started in a hut where they were isolated for a long time. Cone all decided to marry Eve because of a curse (yeah you heard me right). And he believed that it would lift the curse for his clan, who cares about the woman and her wishes? Let me beget a son by her. He was supposed to be an alpha male I suppose? (Aren't all highlanders supposed to be?) But he wasn't. He was superstitious and kind of weak in mind. I thought wow that's some caveman thinking.

Eve was a weird heroine too. She had a weird character, sometimes strong sometimes quite a ninny. She had her outbursts but she wasn't crazy mad, which saved her in my eyes. But her fears about birthing seemed really childish, the way it was portrayed. Her reactions to certain situations were TSTL. Overall, not a great heroine.

The whole who is the Buchanan child from Minerva thing was not well done. The old clam feud resulted from a forbidden love didn't really work for me. I lost track and interests in whatever the mystery was supposed to be resolved. Somehow Conrall and Eve could be together, that was the end.