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His Wicked Ways

His Wicked Ways  - Samantha James This is a typical highland romance, slightly above the average. I like Cameron and Meredith as characters and the relationship. I think Cameron's revenge idea was kind of dumb but hey, without the idea there is no book. Maybe I should take the period element into account, impregnating your enemy's daughter probably was fitting revenge for people in the medieval times. I could live with that in a fiction.

I think Cameron was actually nice to Meredith. He set out to hurt Mederith and her father but fell in love with her instead. I imagine most readers would have problems with Meredith? She is kind of a crybaby but is not without pride. It is much better than a indignant woman who thinks the entire world, especially the hero, has wronged her. I did think it kind of odd that Cameron just kept Meredith with him without saying anything, anything at all. Everyone thought of her as Cameron's leman, and that she was. It was kind of insulting, no? But at least Cameron was open about what Meredith meant to him. He did not pretend that he didn't care about her. In fact everyone in his clan knew that he cared greatly about Meredith's well-being. So I guess that soothed my female pride. lol

Plot development is not great but also not awful. As I said I thought the revenge idea pretty stupid. To beget a son from your enemy's daughter? Wouldn't that bind you to the enemy forever? Why would you want that with your enemy?? But well people in Medieval times obviously felt differently so I will drop it. I thought the last 20% could have been much better. I mean for Cameron to avoid his wife and the marriage bed because of child birth.....I could see that but I think there could have been a little more struggle on Cameron's side. The reconciliation between the clans was also kind of blah, but at the same time, I also did not want to read about Meredith's father and uncle so much.

I love Scotland so I liked the story. If you don't like highland or medieval stories this will probably bore you. It's one of those "I may or may not read it again" books.