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A Perfect Hero

A Perfect Hero  - Samantha James To begin, I want to say I liked this book and would have rated 3.5 if I could.

Dane (the hero) whose age I could not figure out, unwillingly abducted Julianna (27). Dane was the infamous highwayman Magpie but he was actually doing it for the Crown, apparently some kind of a civil service. Dane and Julianna spent some time together in a cabin where apparently they developed feelings for each other. Then they had to part for obvious reasons. He was a highwayman and she was lady. First half ended

Then they met again. It turned out Dane was actually a viscount and all of a sudden they took their realtionship to the next level just a few hours after their reunion. This is where I asked: why? why not in the comfort of a cabin but in a carriage? nothing has changed so why is it ok now? but maybe distance makes the heart grow fonder. They realized how much they missed each other and boom first time in the carriage. Dane proposed the next day.

Julliana was jilted before. She was afraid of marriage and trusting again, understandably. So while she did care for Dane she was unwilling to accept his suit because she felt he only proposed because it was the honorable thing to do, not because he loved her. So the second half is basically about how Dane tried to convince Julliana to marry him and how Julliana was reasoning with herself. Throw in the Magpie mystery bit and a bomb of Julliana's mother's return to wrap up the series, the end.

It was a ok read. Not much angst. But Dane and Julliana are pleasant characters with a less-than-emotional conflict between them. I enjoyed it because I liked Dane and Julliana. The writing is not bad. Plots are bland but at least tolerable. Overall, not good enough to be 4 stars but a strong 3 stars read.