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Because You're Mine

Because You're Mine  - Lisa Kleypas A significant improvement from book 1 in the series. Logan and Madeline are approachable characters and the plotline is stronger in this book too. In book 1 I had the feeling that there was no plot but Lisa Kleypas needed the book to go on.

Logan is a charismatic character. Not just because his character is an actor. This is a hero that commands the scene. I really don't care whether the hero is rich or nobility. That is not what defines a man. What defines a man is his character and that, Logan has aplenty.

I read other reviews which commented on the age difference between Logan (30) and Madeline (18) and whether it makes sense at all for an experienced man to be so ensnared by a girl barely out of school. I actually can see why innocence would entice a cynic. And that worked out well for Logan and Madeline.

I still think the weakness of the book lies with plots. The characterization of Logan and Madeline is successful. But Logab's past history, romantic and personal, is a bit too cliched. It served as a major conflict in the book and I thought it a rather weak point. I also wish LK did not make Logan profess his love so early. I mean for these characters to say I love you and 1 day later oh I cannot forgive you and you are out of my life....it is all too dramatic to be taken seriously for me.

This book has all the LK charms with 2 great characters, Logan especially, with a less-than-strong plot but LK makes up for it with her writing. Oh if I met a man like Logan damn respectability. lol