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When the Duke Was Wicked

When the Duke Was Wicked  - Lorraine Heath The book started out alright but quickly descended into mediocrity.

The heroine Grace is so transparent that I cringed to read about her "innocent questions" about love and lust. I mean anyone could see that Grace was using her quest for love in marriage as an excuse to get close to Lovingdon. Only Grace herself thought she was fooling anybody. For this alone, I lost respect for her.

In the story it was mentioned repeatedly that Grace had "imperfections", which appeared to be some kind of terminal illness. I wanted to find out but honestly at 70% I completely lost interest in Lovingdon and Grace, I just read other reviews and found out what her "imperfections" were. In the end, I cannot understand why Heath wrote the story this way. I think what happened to Grace was quite a life event, but somehow it was very much downplayed. I don't think this is right. Not that I want to see Grace in sorrow but I have trouble picturing someone who has suffered such a fate to be so naively conniving about pursuing the man she wanted as Grace did with Lovingdon. I expected more maturity from Grace. But instead she acted true to her age, a 19-year-old who dreams about Prince Charming and uses idiotic excuses to get close to the man she has identified as her Prince Charming.

I am always harder on the heroines than the heros because I have the need to identify with the women, whereas I have a rather low expectation for men. Lovingdon....I have trouble picturing him as an adult because I just read his mother and Jack Dodger's story where he was just 5 years old. And his "true love" with his late wife Juliette just seemed empty to me.

I think this book is a bit shallow. I apologize for my harsh words but Heath writes about huge losses in life in this book. I would expect the characters to exhibit the level of maturity which one unwillingly acquires through such losses. But she had Grace and Lovingdon act like animals in heat and engage in childish playacting and make up excuses to indulge in their lusts. You write about such significant life events, then make your characters worthy of their journeys. Grace and Lovingdon act too lustfully and childishly to do these life events justice.

Heath's writing is the only thing that saves this book from being a complete disaster for me. I was able to skim-read most of it but at 70% I completely gave up on the couple. It seemed kind of perverse what Lovingdon did with Grace. Brotherly/sisterly love, my ass. The characters believed their excuses, I lost respect for them for that.