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The Seduction of Elliot McBride

The Seduction of Elliot McBride  -  Jennifer Ashley Hmm.......no.

I tried, I really tried. But I can't warm up to Juliana and I don't buy their "I have always loved you" stories.

What I found interesting is that I have not read a romance which has the lead characters consummate the marriage on the first night when both characters did not exactly marry for love in a long while. Elliot and Juliana did it because that's what they were supposed to do as newlyweds. No "let's get to know each other better" nonsense" (for the time period), which probably had some trembling modern girls nodding in agreement.

Nowadays it is politically incorrect to have a hero want to sleep with his wife on their wedding night if God forbid he didn't make his wife fall in love with him first. It is a historical romance. It is not so unusual to be married to someone who you hardly knew back then. I am not saying that it is ok to force anyone to have sex with you. But how the public opinion forces the writers' hands in making historical romances take on a modern twist, it really makes me uncomfrotable. It is the same thing as having a 30 year old virgin in a contemporary romance. My ranting actually is about one point: this book actually did allow the characters to act true to the time period. Juliana did not fret about having to consummate the marriage without re-acquainting herself with Elliot. And Elliot did not refrain from asking for his "husband's rights" out of some modern ideas which he should not have had.

My low rating results from my inability to like Juliana. I don't know why. She seems a bit cold to me and I have the distinct impression that she used Elliot. She wanted to marry someone else and out of desperation she asked Elliot to marry her. I don't like a crafty lass.