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The Recruit

The Recruit  - Monica McCarty I see that I am of the minority here. This book appears to be very popular. I wish I shared that sentiment.

Monica McCarty's storytelling ability aside (because she is one hell of a story teller, it becomes somehow irrelevant as you read more from her), The Recruit has an unattractive set of characters and story (for me). Again, this book has a mother for a heroine. Mary of Mar married young and had a son. She met Kenneth Sutherland and had wilde sex with him, apparently because they were hot for each other and she was oh so curious about the sexual act since her sex life with her late husband was rather disappointing. This is something new for Monica McCarty. Most of her characters do not get to have sex until much later in the book. But a woman awakening to her sexual desires is never something that appeals to me. I mean, good for her. But it makes a poor story for me. I want to see more connections than great sex. I think it has something to do with my inability to believe that great sex leads to emotional connections. And being a mother seperated from her child, Mary, like Bella from The Viper, had the unrelenting urge to be united with her son. So Mary wanted her son at her side, and Mary wanted sex. Kenneth Sutherland found sex with Mary exceptional. The book dedicated most of its volume on these themes, which all carry little weight with me. This book and I never had a chance.

Come to think of it, my problem is again with the heroine. I did not feel that I could relate to Mary. I did not care for her jounrey and did not care whether Kenneth Sutherland loved her. The book itself is probably not bad at all. But when I have problems with the characters, nothing can save the book for me.