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Master of Surrender

Master of Surrender - Karin Tabke Not that this book was bad. It was just very boring. A rather formualic medieval story centering around the wars between the Normans and Saxon. A formidable Norman warrior taking over the Saxon land and fair maiden of the keep. Isabel is a indignant Saxon lady who was forced to tolerate attentions from Rohan, the Norman warrior who had come to claim her home. I don't mind tried plots but I tire of Isabel and her indignation. Yeah yeah you have your pride and you will not bow to the Normans. You wait for your father and your brother and your betrothed. The Norman shall not have your maidenhead for the barbarian that he is. Blah blah blah. I was yawning when Isabel lashed out her venomous hatred toward the Normans. Woman you lost. Get over it.