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After Midnight

After Midnight - Teresa Medeiros I like Teresa Medeiros, a lot.

That is why I read this book a few months ago. Paranormal is not my usual genre but Teresa Medeiros wrote it and it is historical. I thought I would give it a try.

It is a very easy read. Teresa Medeiros' writing is natural and enticing. Following the story is no hardship. Even though I was by nature reluctant to buy into a vampire story, I found myself following the story, despite my initial lack of interest.

The story itself is rather mediocre. It cannot compare to Medeiros' other books. But it is still a better read for me than a lot of romance novels that are widely loved. I would come back to the book for an enjoyable time where I do not want to be too emotionally swamped in a story.

Caroline is a typical mother hen heroine. I have a history of disliking mother hen heroines. Their men are always so wonderful too. It sickens me. lol Caroline worries about everything and everyone except for herself, always staying in the shadow of her beautiful younger sister who did not even get her own book. Vivienne the 2nd sister, aka the golden one, is just a secondary character in Caroline's book who ended up with the inspector in this book. Vivienne almost married Adrian, the hero. So the entire story is about how Caroline wanted to protect Vivienne from a vampire and in the end fell in love with Adrian and in the process, found out the big secret of the Kane's family.

Understandably Caronline exhibits all the typical traits of a spinster. I also read the youngest sister Portia's story and while the plotlines are equally mediocre, I liked Portia's story much better because Caroline is just such a......mother.......

But that is just my personal thing.

I would recommend it to Teresa Medeiros' fans. It has all of her wonderful proses and smooth writing. Do not expect [b: Thief of Hearts|1054298|Thief of Hearts|Teresa Medeiros|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1325529426s/1054298.jpg|1040841] great, then you are good.