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Meet Me at Midnight

Meet Me at Midnight  - Suzanne Enoch I have come to the conclusion that Suzanne Enoch's With This Ring series is just......not my cup of tea.

I read Lucien and Alexandra's story, which was [b: Reforming the Rake|535754|Reforming a Rake (With This Ring, #1)|Suzanne Enoch|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348711091s/535754.jpg|523215], the first book of the series. I did not like it. But I like Suzanne Enoch and her later books are much better so I have given both books 3 stars. Meet Me at Midnight, is in fact an improvement from the first book. The hero Sinclair, is a lot easier to tolerate than Lucien. I even liked him, occasionally.

As for my difficulties with the book, lie with me and my forever struggle with spoiled full-of-themselves heroines. Victoria, aka Vixen, is despicable. Some people might find her refreshing and lively. I respect that. I just don't like her myself. Victoria is a high-born lady who enjoys all the priviledges afforded her. She flirts outrgeously and fully expects to be excused for whatever crxp that she pulls because, well, she can. I dislike her character intensely and just am not interested in how she finds love.

Enoch is not famous for tight-knitted plots. Her stories are usually rather flimsy, which I do not mind as long as I like her characters. While I did enjoy her later works, the 2 books I have read from With This Ring series failed to capture my interest and in turn, my heart. The characters are immature and very hard to like. Coupled with flimsy plots, well, I give up on this series.