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The Most to Lose

The Most to Lose - Laura Landon When I started this book, I thought oh my, I love Jonah and Celie.

Then I was about 30% into the book, I thought oh my God I really love Jonah and Celie. Writing flows and I was drawn into the story. 5 stars, I thought.

At 50% I thought OK I love the lead characters and find Celie's brother, aka the stupid Duke very annoying. Something needed to happen for Jonah and Celie, but well, I can wait. At this point, 4 stars.

Then the story went downhill. What a shame really. It had a great first half. I went through the pages hoping that it would get better again but it didn't. It finished with a mediocre ending. 3 stars it is.

Having read Landon before, I did notice that she does very well in creating lovable characters. Her characters have a quiet strength, both males and females, which I really really really like. Her writing is very soothing and calming. I enjoy reading her proses. She writes stories with characters whose struggles speak to me, whose hidden longings I share. For all that, I love her books.

But this book lacks a credible plot line. Things really could have been resolved a lot earlier but for the sake of the book people did not. They conveniently waited until the end of the book to reveal things they know which would have saved the lead characters the pains. It went on and on so that Jonah and Celie could have a book. It really is such a shame because Jonah and Celie are a wonderful couple. They deserve a better story.

I also think Landon could really work on her intimate scenes. Usually with other writers, it is too much. They write graphic paragraphs which leave me thinking: oh my is this necessary? But with Landon it is the opposite. She does not dedicate enough space for the intimacy. When she does, it is kind of all too "pretty". It is as if she ran out of words. Then she uses the same or similar expressions to describe a kiss. The one sex scene in this book was most disappointing. It did not do much for the story because it just did not serve any purpose.

I would still continue reading Landon's books. As I said, I love her characters. They have a warm depth to them which I really can relate to. I hope her plot development improves, because she creates such wonderful characters who deserve a once in a lifetime love story.