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The Pretender

The Pretender - Celeste Bradley The book started great. The chimneysweep of a hero totally had my attention and I love Simon for a name for my hero, a close second to Harry, my all time favorite.

But I digress.

Then Agatha happened. Oh, overly bold, lying, plump, virgin-turned-harlot, love-being-on-top, Simon-jumping Agatha. Very early on in the book I realized that Agatha is what I know as........crazy.

Agatha's brother disappeared. She wanted to ingestigate, decided on a scheme and went to London. In from the back of the house, comes Simon, the God, who saved her from her lie. Then more lies about her marital status, outragerous lies too, then spy master schemes blah blah blah and then, they had sex.

I rolled my eyes and literally groaned (not the good kind) reading this novel. Agatha is outrageous. I believe some readers would like her. But she is too much for me. She is everywhere, with her lies, with Simon, with James, and everywhere. She has to be because oh she is so smart and has a mind of her own and no man can control her.

Simon is a much more likable character. I have to say him being jumped by Agatha multiple times in this book is a little pathetic but oh well, who am I to judge. I think 10% of the story had my full attention and it is usually when Simon and Agatha stole a few moments together knowing that they had no future. And it was all about Simon too. I cannot help but imagine Agatha as this danger-prone woman who sticks her head where it doesn't belong but gets offended when people tell her the fact to her face. Oh and did I mention that she is a country woman in London playing a married woman without a husband who attends social parties and volunteers at the hospital? All in all, I could work with Simon, but cannot stomach Agatha. I don't dislike her as a character but I find such heroines unattractive and annoying.

Then there is the writing. Sometimes I really wish I could write to these authors and ask them to please read what they wrote before they allow it to be turned into a book. Is this something that you would say to a man??? Woman is that is the case.....well..... I have nothing to say to you.......and that is woman to woman. Sometimes the conversations are so contrived and...I don't want to say idiotic, I guess it is probably......I don't know, I have no adjectives for it, pathetic? Honestly, is this how some women talk??

Then there are the secondary characters. Man there are so many of them. I lost count. Who is the butler? Who is the valet? Who is the butler's nephew? Who works at the club doing what? Then Lord someone who is the hero for another book in the series, then the nephew of the Lord. Why is it necessary to have all these people who are not relevant for the romance? The villain is unimpressive, the "intruguing mystery" not so intruguing. This book is a real mess, no clear plot line, annoying and unncessary characters The only good thing is Simon, who is also not a strong male lead. But I will stop here. How do you describe a mess?