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Who Will Take This Man?

Who Will Take This Man? - Jacquie D'Alessandro This book started out great. I was thinking ahhh this could be another 4 stars book.

Then in the middle I thought: hmm.....maybe 3 stars......

The last 30% had me going: man I wish this was over.

So here I am, handing out 2 stars for the book.

In the beginning the lead characters seem to have enough chemistry. I thought it refreshing that the hero Philip is for once, not a brooding alpha male (not that I mind), but a bespectacled scholar. I had a rather pretty picture of him and thought the heroine Meredith respectable and graceful. The chemistry however, did not hold up well after 50%. I don't know why they would fall in love with each other. It seems like all there was physical attraction. Once the "mystery" started unraveling, I began asking myself, why would anyone want Philip to be miserable? Even the "villain" seemed rather amicable.

The biggest problem for me is that Philip and Meredith seemed so out of character in the second half of the book. I had pictures for them drawn up in my head, based on the first half. Then they went on doing dn saying things that were just.....weird.

The writer uses the same phrases frequently and that quickly became rather disturbing. The first half was really funny and witty. But the book went downhill in the second half. I wanted the book to be over.