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Dreaming of You

Dreaming of You - Jennifer McNare I finished reading this book in less than 3 hours. Another new record.

Maybe I am getting a little tired of the genre, which would be truly a shame because I love romance novels so much. This is the second book in 2 days that I went through in mere hours, both of which are more than 380 pages long. I gave the first book a 1 star rating (if you are interested, the 1 star rating book was "The Perfect Bride" by Brenda Joyce) whereas this book got 2 stars from me. The difference is the premise of this book is.....original, I would say. Not something that you read about often in romance novels.

"Dreaming of you", though is the namesake of Lisa Kleypas' wonderful book, has nothing of Kleypas' warmth. Gavin, the hero in this book, was abducted with a single purpose to impregnant a woman whose name and face were never revealed to him. Melody the innocent heroine, was forced to marry an old earl and then by his design, to be impregnated by a man in darkness. After the pregnancy was confirmed, the pair, who never saw each other or knew each other's identity, was separated. Melody's husband suffered an untimely death, leaving her a rich widow with twins. Gavin was returned to his family after his imprisonment and despite his efforts to find out who his abductor was and who this woman was, never found out the truth.

Fast forward 5 years, Gavin became a duke (an extremely uncessary turn, did absolutely nothing for the story) and Melody came to London with her twin children. Of course they met and truth was revealed. Then crazy "I am so angry" and "Oh my god it is him/her" ensued. Gavin met his children for the first time, Gavin and Melody got married and of course had great sex and oh my god "I cannot let her know that I want her because she is such a conniving bitch." blah blah blah. The prince and the princess lived happily ever after.

I do not sound very inspired now, do I?

The book is unfeeling as can be. Like Brenda Joyce' The Perfect Bride, this book also has such potentials. The premise is so wonderfully original. It almost pains me to read a book with such great potentials, only to find them such disappointments. Golden oppoortunity wasted. The characters, are not attracted to each other. It is just the author said so. Because the author wrote it this way, they must be drawn to each other. No No No. This is not how a great romance novel is. You describe not just how they look, how they have sex, how they tremble in each other's presence. You illustrate a picture where two people discover love. You don't just say: there, you love each other, now say silly lines and tell the readers that you do love each other so very much and by the way show them a little skin.

In terms of reading experience, this book is another 1 star for me. But I am willing to give it 2 stars for the unusual plot. I do however wish I had also skipped this book. Major waste of time.