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Captive Bride

Captive Bride - Johanna Lindsey It is a very disturbing book.

I completely understand why some reviewers hate this book. This book is so politically incorrect. I shook my head so many times reading this book. Kidnapping, rape (or not rape, let's not get stuck in technicality here, she was forced into the situation, Whether she enjoys sex is not the point.), violence against women (however mild, he did spank her to punish her). It is just a bitter pill to swallow.

What truly bothers me is the immature writing. I think Johanna Lindsey matured significantly in her writing and you know she became much better as a writer in her later novels. This debut novel is just very very childish, which I do not hold against her. She wasn't the great writer that she became in this debut novel. The story is so abrupt sometimes. People are acting weird and out of characters all the time and that goes for both lead characters. Characters have no depth. They act childish and seem shallow. It just isn't a very well-written book.

Quite honestly the writing deserves only 1 star for the effort. I give the second star for the plot that was killed in this childish early attempt from a later great novelist. I finished reading the book in less than 3 hours. There is't much substance nor do the chracters have enough depth for the readers to delve in. And of course, the writing is so crude that I just had to skim though the pages.

The premise however, I think has much potential. It however was wasted in the immature writing. A real shame. I wish Lindsey would re-write the story. Or someone else could revamp the plotline with a modern twist.