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The Black Knight

The Black Knight - Connie Mason I am NOT proud of my 4 stars rating. That much is true and it will be the overarching theme of my review.

The Black Knight by Connie Mason, is as trashy a book as they come. Wayyyyy too many sex scenes. At one point you just want to throw your hands in the air and ask: really? again?? There is a clinical term for it nowadays: you guys are sex addicts!

The plot is surprisingly well done. I actually think making the heroin a married woman (marriage unconsumated) made the story better. Forbidden kind of love, or "liaison", I somehow refuse to believe that keep going at it automatically translates into love.

The overdone sex thing aside, the lead characters are likeable and somehow they seem to really have a thing between them. I don't know how Connie Mason did it. Gotta give her credit.

The dialogues, oh my God, do they get any cheesier than this? NO! They don't. I really had to roll my eyes in multiple sections and wince. Is Drake an asshole or an honorable knight? Sometimes he says things so out of character that I want to scream: man I don't know who you are! But again, I don't know how Mason did it. She made it work.

This story could have been really great, with the medieval backdrop done very nicely. The knight charging in the battle for the honor/protection of the lady. All very grand notions. Despite Drake's horrendous behaviors, I still like him better than Raven. Raven as a heroin, did not capture my heart, even though she did not do anything that I dispised in females such as throwing fits and holding a grudge for things that cannot be helped.

Honestly it is a really bad book but so bad that it's good. Am I making sense?? I actually enjoyed reading it and with shame I am putting it on my keeper shelf. I won't recommend the book but damn, I liked the book!