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Somewhere I'll Find You

Somewhere I'll Find You - Lisa Kleypas FINALLY! I don't know how long it took me, a few months I suppose, to finish this book. This has never happened with a LK book, even the Russian princess and prince series was easier reads, and I wasn't exactly crazy about them.

I think the book bored me because Damon, Lord Savage, was pretty certain about how he felt rather early on in the book. He hated the childhood marriage but once he realized Julia was his wife he was like oh yay jackpot, just how convenient it is that the woman I lust after happens to be my wife.

I am VERY lenient on such silly plots in romances. I am willing to overlook the convenient plot and the shallow character of a hero, if I could be convinced of a good romance. Julia and Damon did not do that for me. Julia wanted to be and remain an actress. Damon quickly reconciled with the fact that he never wanted this wife because Julia was so beautiful (of course). And that is all there is. I want you and you want me but I don't want to give up this and you don't want to give me that so now we are at an impasse and something happens we discuss, argue and something else happens we discuss and argue, repeat cycle 5 times, at page 330 it's near the end let's agree to what we all know from the beginning is going to happen and something happens to wrap up things nice and tight for everyone.

I want to give the book 2 stars......but my loyalty to Lisa Kleypas tells me I should rate it better. hmm............what to do........what to do.......

OK I am not going to be blind. 2 stars it is.