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Captured by the Highlander

Captured by the Highlander - Julianne MacLean The book had a very promising beginning. Writing is smooth and flows well. A very pleasant reading experience.

The story is typical. Duncan the hero abducts Amelia the heroin to avenge his lost love who was raped and killed by Amelia's fiance. They get to know each other. They develop feelings for each other. The dual role twist is neat. I did not expect that at all. Overall a very nice story and I enjoyed reading it.

A few things that troubled me:

1. The conversations seem contrived at times. They talk a bit too much. Sometimes I thought: what? why would you say something like that? Sure we all think it. But nobody says it! It is a typical example of "telling us how they feel" instead of "showing us how they feel". The latter is so much better than the former.

2. The parts where the fiance is planning to take Amelia back.....I skipped it all. I think it cannot be avoided with plots like this. Of course the evil villain has to plot against the lead characters and naturally the villain will not do it in front of the hero and the heroin. It draws attention away from the romance but it is necessary to build the story. I get that. I just don't want to read about it. I know the villain's scheme will involve some kind of taking the heroin back and away from the hero. So I don't really care how he does it. I will read about his scheme when the lead characters are back on stage. Does that make sense??

3. The last 1/3 of the story is really kind of blah. The story was not over and had loose ends. I kept waiting for the moment for Duncan's AHA moment and it just didn't arrive. Amelia's reason for not going through with the wedding was a kind of ugh what?

4. Duncan's "my Muira" really annoyed me. I mean it is sweet and all. But it really made me wonder, so Duncan is marrying Amelia because of great sex?? Naturally it was not what the writer has intended. It just came across to me like that.

I don't think this is one of those "oh my God it is so good" books for me. But I really enjoyed reading it and wanted to know more. This indicates a wonderful reading time which means 4 stars for me. If I have to rate the book on its own merit without considering my pleasant reading experience, I would give 3 stars.