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Highland Fire

Highland Fire  - Tanya Anne Crosby I really like this author, have read her books before and liked some of them well enough. But I just don't care much for this particular story line. The book itself is still a very good read. If you do not mind the story line itself I think this would be another great story from Ms. Crosby for you.

One thing I will say, reading this book was some kind of a history lesson for me. The historical background Ms. Crosby has chosen made me feel very interested in the this particular time and space. I went on reading some more about this historical context and found it very educational. Fret not, the book itself is not a history lesson. It is in essence very much a romance novel (and a good one). At any rate this is a compliment on Ms. Crosby's writing. She did a great job depicting the people and made me really want to know more.

I am giving the book a 3 star because I am not crazy about the story. A widow with a son. Poor child being left behind, Distrust and hatred run deep. I just cannot feel anything emotional between the lead characters. Other than great sex, I dont know what they shared. OK so they had sex and all of a sudden she is his heart?? What? OK they had great sex everyday and that is why he cannot live without her?

I think the storyline is intriguing and the premise solid. I have trouble with the widow and a son characterization, but that is my problem. And I could work with that even, if the story convinced me that what the lead characters shared between them was anything more than sex.

I dont know what is missing. I only know that I am not convinced. but overall, not an awful book.