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Lions And Lace

Lions And Lace - Meagan McKinney oh I read this fabulous book so many years ago and loved Trevor and Alana's story. Alana is my kind of heroine, proper but strong, soft but determined. Trevor is my kind of hero, conflicted but never truly unkind, struggling but cannot help but have a soft spot for Alana.
Trevor asked Alana to marry him for his younger sister. Being rich but Irish, the younger sister was never going to be accepted by the snobbish polite society of New York City. But with Alana as her sister in law, the younger sister would have a respectable match. Alana, suffering from a great family tragedy and battling her evil uncle, had little choice other than agreeing to Trevor's demands.
Then they started their slow journey towards each other. Trevor, walking with a cane and being "socially inferior", never gave me the impression of being "weak" or "inferior". His strong will comes through the story and the image of "lion" is truly fitting. Alana being the fragile flower, weathering hardships in life and survived, needed Tervor but she held her grounds. This is everything I love in a romance novel.
The highlight of the book though, was when Trevor sent Alana the plain music box with an emotionally intense note, when he could have bought her jewelry worth of a fortune. Alana, having read the note, came to confront him and asked him whether he loved her. Trevor's answer shows me that Ms. McKinney truly understands the anguish of love, the "I don't know what to do" and "I wish I had done things differently." What a powerful answer Trevor gave Alana. A man can say he loves you and gives you flowers or presents. But what Trevor said to Alana, well, that is a man who finally learned about love.
I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did as a young girl. I still have the book and still cherish the memory of it. It is not often you come across a book which captures the sweetness and bitterness of love all at the same time. Read it ladies!