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The Untamed Mackenzie (MACKENZIES SERIES)

The Untamed Mackenzie (MACKENZIES SERIES) - Jennifer Ashley I like this Chief Inspector and Louisa a lot!

I always feel that in novellas I am rushed to a happily ever after. How can they know love in such a short time? So far no novella has given me the impression that it was not being cut too short. This book is no exception.

But other than that, this romance is sweet and a joy to read. Lloyd Fellows is the born-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-blanket version of Hart. As much as I love my lords, I have just that much more respect for a man who earned his place in the world without the priviledges of aristrocracy. And Inspector Fellows is certainly such a man.

Some may find Louisa boring. But I love her. The quintessential English rose, she was brought up to be a noble's wife, not knowing much about the "real life" until her father disgraced the entire Scranton family. I usually do not like women being forward but Jennifer Ashley made Louisa's "advances" sweet and endearing. It makes sense because Lloyd Fellows was never going to do anything because of their social statuses.

This novella seems longer than the usual length. I am not certain because my Kindle did not display page numbers for this book (I hate that). I just feel that it is somewhere between a full-length novel and a novella. The mystery piece actually worked well in this story without overpowering the romance. The story has 2 main themes: Fellows' "she is out of my league" complex and Louisa's "I am not a murderer" plight. Their romance grew and developed revolving around these 2 themes and all in all, a sweet story.