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Highland Warrior

Highland Warrior - Connie Mason I went through the first 40% very quickly. There is not much content, just people shouting and being angry at each other plus some supposedly hot sex scenes.
My hands itched the entire time. I want to slap the heroine so badly. I am surprised that no one did. I never could tolerate anybody throwing fits because things don't go their ways. I would have done something very drastic if I were her parents.
I could have continued reading because I imagine once she is "in love" it gets better. But I hated Gillian so much. I stopped reading to spite her. I know, I know, she is just a character. But you can't just give in to a child who is throwing tantrum. So I walked away.
God save us from such crazy heroines. Please woman, instead of going crazy because of emotions, learn logic and use your brain. Being angry is ok and all but must you act like a nut too?
I would have given it 1 star but I know I am biased because I so despised the heroine. I decided to go up 1 star.