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Diary of an Accidental Wallflower

Diary of an Accidental Wallflower - Jennifer McQuiston My review is based on 60% of the book. I stopped trying at 60%.

Jennifer McQuiston's style reminds me of Julia Quinn. Definitely on the funnier side and I did laugh a few times. I would even say quite clever, her writing. It has a light tone and isn't a chore to follow.

But the story itself has nothing else to be recommended. I disliked Clare early on. A society miss who set her mind on marry the heir presumptive of a duke, just because he was the heir. But at the same time she was intelligent and read the editorial of London Times for fun? What intelligent woman dreams about marrying a future duke just because? She was also very snobbish to Daniel in the beginning, when Daniel just wanted to help. I don't care how pretty she was, for Daniel to be attracted to her, I lost respect for Clare and for Daniel.

Other than the flaws in characterization, the worst was that there is no chemistry between Clare and Daniel. No pull and no yearning. Instead we get to read about how great Daniel was with Clare's sister Lucy and brother Geoffery, who were both some kind of juvenile delinquents who required adult attention. And Daniel, wonderful caring Daniel, was there to serve as an older brother. I am no expert on history but I have trouble believing that this was a realistic projection of the society back then.

I have had a lot of 2 stars books in the past 2 months. I had hoped for a 3 stars book but I regret to say that my 2 stars phase continues. I don't mind the writing so I will probably try her other books but this story and its characters are a big fail for me. I cannot recommend it as a great romance. It might not be an awful read if you were looking for something like The Little Woman.