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The Ground She Walks Upon

The Ground She Walks Upon - Meagan McKinney This is one of my Meagan McKinney reads in my youth. I must have read this after I read Lions and Lace. I have not decided whether I want to re-read it. I remember the story and my feelings toward it well enough.

I always believe, if an author can impress upon his/her readers that they recall a book, he/she has had some kind of a success. Meagan McKinney is such an author for me. It does not matter whether I love the story, I remember her stories with shocking details.

The Ground She Walks Upon is kind of an odd book. It has paranormal elements because the hero must marry someone fate chooses for him or misfortune would befall him (and the woman he married). In a rebellious act, he married someone who he knew was not "the chosen one". The unfortunate wife died. Hero was really pissed off and continued to harbor strong negative feelings toward the "curse".

"The chosen one" is a girl who was A LOT younger. I think he was in his 20s when she was born. The age difference does not bother me though. What bothers me is that she "acted" like a child. I can see why pepole have problems with the age difference but really I thought the problem was so much more about her childish behaviors. She wanted to be a "writer" so we readers had to suffer through her writing, which parelleled the book itself. It went on page after page and I was very annoyed with the girlish indignance and fantasies.

I did not mind the hero so much. Yeah he was not exactly awesome but in comparison to the girl he was a brooding, melancholic delight. The story centers on how they overcame their resistance to their "fate". Another very angsty story from Meagan McKinney, of which I think she does a fantastic job. I wish the heroine was not such a child. I know she was young but as I always say, if I wanted female hysteria, I wouldn't need to find it in a book.

The reason why I am not in such a hurry to re-read the book is that I did not feel they really wanted to be together. They both resented the "curse" and did everything they could to lash out at each other, to prove that they did not care about each other. I do not see why they would end up together other than some devine intervention. In the end the hero was literally brought down on his knees, begging for a chance.But why? I had to ask. What is so good about a brat whose writing was amateurish at best and acted like a hungry baby who did not get fed regularly?