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Highlander's Ransom

Highlander's Ransom - Emma Prince Awwwwww what a fluffy book!

It's a book that makes me smile like an idiot. However.......

1. Plots are too thin. It's not a plot-driven or character-driven novel. Very ordinary highland romance, which I do not mind if done right. It's perfect for my "simple-minded" times.
2. No idea what happened to the villain. Not that I want to see pages after pages of the villain but the major conflict between the lead characters is connected to the villain. It was as if he conveniently dropped off the face of the earth so that Robert and Alwin can have a happily ever after. How considerate!
3. Robert turned really assholey for about 10 pages. I was shocked! This was quickly fixed and I understand the book needed a dramatic turn of events. It resolved quickly and nicely but I was just.......wow.......wtf man!?

The 250 page length is perfect. I know it is a really simple book with 2 lovable characters in a difficult situation. The romance is really sweet, the struggle just light enough for you to disregard it. Nothing new or outstanding in this book, but now I can go to bed with a dreamy (aka idiotic) smile on my face. :D