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A Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin: The Debutante Files

A Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin: The Debutante Files - Sophie Jordan I had not expecte to like this book so much. It is a typical historical romance, with a very attractive hero. I don't mind that. If the story delivers, I do not mind a little (or a lot of) cliche.
The struggle for the hero was heart-wretching. He does not want to like the heroin because her mother is the B word personified. Hero has a history with the heroin's mother (they slept together when the hero was a teenager.). All in all, hero cannot help but fall in love with the heroin, but is unwilling to admit that he is poorly besotted and refuses to show any tender affections toward the heroin. But of course he cannot help it. The hero is sponsoring a season for the heroin, as her legal guardian and wants (or does not want to
This book really came together for me, when after much internal struggle, the hero showed up in the heroin's room at night. He said "I am not fighting this anymore." And then there it was, he had me at hello.
Unlike Julie Garwood or Lisa Kleypas who I have read and appreciated since my youth, Sophie Jordan is a new author for me. I am pleasantly surprised at how much I like this book and look forward to reading her new book soon.