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The Unthinkable

The Unthinkable - Monica McCarty I would always read Monica McCarty. She sure can tell a story. But I think my need to connect to characters far outweights anything else. As other 2 books from McCarty, to which I also gave only 2 stars, I just do not like Genie and Fitzwilliam.

The story is on shake grounds as it is: Fitzwilliam seduced and then left Genie. As often as the word "seduce" is used in romance novels, I rarely feel that the action justifies the use of the word "to seduce". Fitzwilliam Hastings, you, are a seducer and an irresponsible cad.

I also feel that if you are going to do something, own it. Be it a mistake or a great success, own it and be practical about it. Genie is disillusioned. She slept with Fitzwilliam repeatedly, felt shame the entire time but hoped with all of her pathetic youthful heart that Fitzwilliam would "do the right thing". This is one of the TSTL behaviors I despise in heriones. Young ladies of those time periods should know better. I know it would have been normal for Genie to expect a proposal. But I cannot respect her for that. You did this to yourself. It is nobody's, not even Fitzwilliam's, fault, that you end up in that vulnerabl position. I would have respected her more, had Genie shown more of a backbone.

I had trouble with almost every character in this story. Everyone lied and connived. What a tangled web they weaved. But it did not razzel-dazzle me like McCarty's other stories, because in her other stories it was the intricate plot that was razzel-dazzling. In The Unthinkable, the characters made really questionable decisions and that along moved the story forward. Since I did not respect any of them, I lost interest in the book.

I do not know what they were all thinking. Genie lost her virtue and had to go to America and apparently lost some more. She came back to London with Edmund, who was actually sent by Fitzwilliam to fecth Genie, as a couple and fully planned on marrying Edmund because he could "give her what she needed". Edmund lied to Fitzwilliam and his best friend, stole his woman from under his nose and misused his trust. And we are expected to believe that he is s respecable man. Fitzwilliam seduced Genie and then refused to marry her. He regretted yeah but that hardly makes up for what happened. He looked for Genie and sent Edmund to find her. Then he had to somehow break them up because Genie was set on marrying Edmund. And Genie hated Fitzwilliam but loved him? Fitzwilliam wanted Genie but said he didn't love him? Edmund seemed to love Genie but somehow not as muchas Fitzwilliam? I mean that just doesn't make sense and I am not convinced of any of their motives.

I hope the other Regency story from Monica McCarty is better. I would hate to believe that she could only do highlands, as much as I love the Highlands. As I said, I would always read her. But I really need better characters, I mean characters who appeal to me.