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The Taming

The Taming - Jude Deveraux This is a re-read for me. I like Jude Deveraux and her books well enough. This book is however not my favorite from her.

The hero is, well, not a hero. I mean, most of the romance novels have alpha males and they all pretty much act the same with minor variations. This hero is of the dirty variation, the most unhygienic kind, in the literal sense. He does not shower often and keeps a week supply of mistresses with extra to spare in case of their "monthly flux". The mistresses, are named after the weekdays. Quite funny, actually. He married the heroine for her money, took her virginity in a rather indelicate manner and treated her like garbarge he was bringing with him only until he found a garbage can, if he ever cared about public hygiene.

I rarely have so much to say aobut an alpha hero.

The plotlines are the usual: revenge, money, land, honor, betrayal, blah blah blah. All good.

I however, have a bone to pick with the heroine.

Dear Heroine of The Taming,

Please allow me to be blunt with you. What is wrong with you? I know you are capable and all, but must you lord it over everyone else? Your father married again and there is a new lady in the house. Think of it as a mother-in-law situation. No woman, wants to share the household. You should know well enough to back the hell off. In this case, you are the mother in law who wouldn't let go!

Secondly, I know you are capable and all, yes yes I know, you are very good. How can I forget it when you keep throwing it at our faces and want to prove your worth to everyone? You can clean, you can boss everyone around and you are very very very smart. Without you we would all perish.

Thirdly, what is about this man that you love so much? I don't know about you but I have a pretty strong sense of self-worth. A man like this, damn, he can lick my shoes. I would not bother to tame him. NOT WORTH THE TIME.

I have to say lady, you are everything I don't like in a woman. I respect you but I probably wouldn't fall in love with you. As for your supposedly besotted husband, well, I still doubt his sincerity. I know Ms. Author made him love you but well, I am not buying it. I am sure your happily ever after would invoke some hopes in some females' hearts but, not mine, not mine. A man loves you because he does, not because you make his life better. At least, I prefer to be loved just because, not because I can cook and clean and perform the sexual act with a certain degree of enthusiasm.

I wish you, a happily ever after.

Sincerely yours,
A disgruntled reader