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Gypsy Lover

Gypsy Lover - Connie Mason To be perfectly honest I am at 74% in this book. I have not completely finished it.

But I think it gives me enough material to write a review. I don't think I will discover anything new in this book. The story is ok and a significant improvement from the last 2 disasters I have read this week. It has a half gypsy hero with a ridiculous name Dante (seriously, what is wrong with good old William, David, even John?) and a really really really hard-to-like heroine Esme.

This book reminds me of 2 books: [b: Thunder and Roses|692953|Thunder and Roses (Fallen Angels, #1)|Mary Jo Putney|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1388198619s/692953.jpg|1531180] by Mary Jo Putney and [b: The Leopard Prince|156565|The Leopard Prince (Princes Trilogy, #2)|Elizabeth Hoyt|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1311811634s/156565.jpg|2673256] by Elizabeth Hoyt. Both have earned a soid place on my keepers shelf. Gypsy Lover by Connie Mason, however, pales in comparison to the said wonderful romance novels. It reminds me [b: Thunder and Roses|953428|Thunder and Roses (Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon #4)|Theodore Sturgeon|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1388457103s/953428.jpg|266294] because it also features a half gypsy hero. It reminds me of [b: The Leopard Prince|156565|The Leopard Prince (Princes Trilogy, #2)|Elizabeth Hoyt|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1311811634s/156565.jpg|2673256] because the hero also calls and refers to the heroine as "milady". That however, is where the similarity ends.

The story is standard and the blurb says pretty much all there is to say. I like Dante well enough. A gypsy bastard who got his title when his grandfather decided that he wanted his bastard grandson to inherit after all. Proud of his heritage, Dante wanted to turn down the offer but was encouraged to accept by his maternal grandparents who are gypsies. He met Esme at a fair and was attracted to her, but never got to know her name. They saw each other again at a party when Dante entered the polite society. An old agreement bound them to each other in matrimony. So it goes the story. Dante wants Esme. Esme hates him because he is gypsy. Dante tries to win Esme over, to no avail. Then Dante has enough of Esme's nonsense and leaves her. Now Esme wants to marry him because all of a sudden she loves him. And oh yeah they had sex multiple times. Someone wants Dante dead and his grandfather was murdered, I imagine that is how the rest of the 30% going to be about.

I have no problems with the unsurprising plotlines. The story reads well and progressed at an ok speed. But I absolutely hate Esme. She despises Dante because he is gypsy. And that is a pretty bad dealbreaker for me. I cannot like her as a person. I care very little whether she gets her happily ever after. I want to slap her for being the idiot that she is. Seriously I am all for female pride but a stupid heroine with a pride issue, UNBEARABLE.

This is another romance that equates lust with love. Dante is attracted to Esme and apparently wants to sleep with her. That much is clear. Esme is soooooooo stupid. I don't have another word for her. But do they care for each other? I cannot say. Maybe Dante cares for Esme a little, yeah. Esme is just a bitch. Maybe that was a little harsh because she was portrayed more positively in the book. But if you ask me, damn this woman is a hyprocrite.

This was a ok read. Nothing to recommend but is not the worst of the genre.