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Keeper Of My Heart

Keeper Of My Heart - Laura Landon I was going between 2 and 3 stars but decided on 2 stars in the end. I had to skim through some pages and almost gave up in the middle of it. Being the emotional being that I am, I went with my personal feeling on this rating.

The writing is not bad. I followed the story with enthusiasm well until the 40% of the story. I like both characters, while I do like Iain slighly more than Mairi. But I did not like the story so much. They met each other when Iain was injured and became temporarily blind. Mairi nursed him back to health and I suppose the tender feelings were supposed to grow during this time. But the descriptions did not do that. They had something going but not strong enough to serve as a base for a loving relationship. Then Mairi was forced to marry Iain, which she did not want to be she does not want to "pass on her curse" by having children.

I think the problem for me was that there is not enough romance. The story is a mixture of schemes, brotherly rivalry, witchcraft (for the lack of a better word), clan hostility and some romance. I find it really distasteful that Iain had problems with people with "speical gifts" like Mairi. It made him look petty and unwise in my eyes. Mairi was portrayed too much of a wet blanket later in the book. I did not find my hero who came to care for the heroine despite his reservations and I did not find my soft-hearted, ever-enduring heroine who fights her silent wars.

My 2 stars rating has more to do with my personal taste for historical romances. It is not a reflection of Ms. Landon's writing. I enjoy reading her proses and look forward to reading another story from her.