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Highland Courage

Highland Courage - Ceci Giltenan I read the first book in the series [b: Highland Solution|18480517|Highland Solution (Duncurra, #1)|Ceci Giltenan|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1378903777s/18480517.jpg|26154867] and liked it well enough, I decided to read book 2. Now I know I have erred. I still have book 3 on the shelf and I am not sure I can convince myself to read another book from the writer.

The writing itself is actually pretty good. It reads rather well. I have however, major issues with how the story progresses. This book, despite being well written, is BORING. To write a story about sexual assault, such an emotionally charged theme, the book is shockingly bland. In the first half of the story, we read about how the heroine deals with a clan who is not exactly welcoming to their new lady. We read about the steward, the bitter maids, and stupid villagers. We read about how a maid tried to embarrass her by entering the master bedroom when principal characters were naked in bed. We read about a too good to be true hero who seemed way too soft for me. I am all about men treating women well and especially handling their special ladies with extra care. But the way the hero is portrayed, he might be as well her older brother, or even older sister. The interactions between lead characters are weak. All that there ever was, was sex. With such a softly written hero and a timid heroine, I really had trouble picturing heaven-and-earth-rocking sex.

I decided to stop reading the book at about 50%. I would venture to guess that the second half of the story would feature 1. how the heroine wins the hearts of her new clan and 2. the heroine's confrontation of the men who assulted her at a young age. Throw in a few boring sex scence, there, you have a book.

I have the utmost respect for writers who tackle the sexual assault topic in their stories. As aversed as I usually am from suffering in my romance novels, I am willing to read about how a female slowly works her way through and rises above such horrors and I am pained at the face of their struggles and humbled by the emergence of their triumph. This book, cannot claim to have tackled this topic. It is a wanna-be romance novel which resorted to discussing details of how a woman fits in her new environment after marriage. Rape (or attempted rape in this book), romance, love, even lust, are poorly explored in this story. I beg for forgivness if my review seems harsh to the writer. As a reader I really had to push myself to muddle through 50%. I would have given 1 star if it wasn't for the attempt to address sexual assult and the ok writing. The writing is not the problem. Plot and character developments are.