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Fair Is the Rose

Fair Is the Rose - Meagan McKinney I read this book many years later after I read Lion and Lace, the first Van Alan Sisters story. I like Alana, the first book, much better than Fair is the Rose.

The writing is very good. Plots are ok. Hero is a US marshall but was doing undercover playing a villain when he met the heroin. Instant attraction and a fake rape and of course hero tried to protect the heroin. Heroin runs away because of her past, hides in another town and hero comes after her.

I cannot quite pinpoint my dissatisfactino with the book. I can only say that in Lion and Lace, I could clearly picture Trevor Sheridan and his cane, could see his internal struggles and feel his anguish. In Lion and Lace you understand why Trevor and Alana are struggling. They are attracted to each other but both believe that it can never be. You feel them. ButI cannot do that with the lead characters in Fair is the Rose. You understand but do not feel it. And that is what sets great stories apart. They make you feel.

Fair is the Rose is not one of those books. It really pales in comparison to Lion and Lace. But perhaps I have been unfair to the book. Fair is the Rose is a well-written romance, with likeable characters and great proses. I would have rated it 4 stars if I hadn't read Lion and Lace. I guess Ms. McKinney has only herself to blame: she did too great a job with Lion and Lace. Do read Fair is the Rose if you need a good story, but do not expect it to be as great as Lion and Lace.