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Cast in Shadows

Cast in Shadows - Laura Landon Laura Landon sometimes gives me this impression that she likes goody two shoes as her lead characters. And this book has not one but 2 goody two shoes. Gideon and Eve are both good people who you can't help but like.

This is a romance story with a mystery. I guessed who the real murderer was very early on. But that did not bother me. Gideon was supposed to be mad. He suffered from seizures and violent fits and was considered a danger to people around him. When he met Eve he had been locked away for his and others' safety for 10 years. Eve was the daughter of Gideon's doctor. She initially only wanted to help Gideon but they fell in love once they got to know each other.

As usual, I immediately took to Laura Landon's characters. I love her heroines. They are every bit of femininity and grace that I aspire to be. Her heros are sometimes not "bad ass" enough. Not that I am pining for an asshole but some of her heros are so honorable that they border on being kind of bland. Gideon, was rather bland. But well, he was a good man, what can I say?

One of my favorite books is Laura Landon's masterpiece and I love love love that book to pieces. But all of her other books are pleasant easy reads at best. Her stories are often too simple to invoke emotional responses, but they are almost always a good time-pass. This is book is another pleasant easy read from Landon which I read quickly and will probably not re-read. But I am glad that I read it.