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The Highlander's Forbidden Bride

The Highlander's Forbidden Bride - Donna Fletcher I started the book with great enthusiasm, of course. All the raving reviews. I finished the book feeling rather disappointed. it is not a bad book. But it is not the wonderful story I was led to believe.

The hero is not the typical alpha male you usually see in such books. He is of course a warrior but has a soft heart. He was tortured in the heroin's home by her father. She acted like a bitch to everyone, knowing that whenever she showed any tenderness toward anything or anybody, the object of her affection would suffer at the hand of her father. Heroin helped the hero in his imprisonment anonymously. He fell in love with her, not knowing who she was, but knowing her by a fake name given by the heroin. He escaped, not knowing that he owed his escape to the heroin and believing that the woman he fell in love with was killed because of the heroin. He made a vow to avenge his lost love by killing the heroin. Then of course hero and heroin met, more lies, more struggles, they were even trapped together in a cabin, then finally the big a-ha moment: it was you??

I mean the plot line was rather cool. But I could not become interested in them. The chemistry is off between them. I don' particularly like their intimate scenes, nor am I convinced that the hero fell in love with the heroin after his bitter realization that his lost love, only not lost and was his enemy.

The biggest problem for me was I was not able to form an emotional attachment to the principal characters. Other than that the story was ok and the writing ok too. I won't go as far as saying that it is a bad story because it is not bad. But I cannot say that I enjoyed it either. So solid 3 stars.