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The Madness of Viscount Atherbourne

The Madness of Viscount Atherbourne - Elisa Braden This book is perfect for someone just starting out in the historical romance genre. For a veteran reader of a certain age in the genre, such as yours truly, this book was a little too predictable.

May I just say that I love this name Lucien for a hero, all the way on top of my list together with Harry. Alas I have never met any Lucien in my life. I swear to God if I ever have a son I would so name him Lucien.

OK back to the book.

This book has an age-old revenge plot and not a very clever one, that. Lucien was out for blood, Blackmore's blood to be precise. Somehow he was led to be believe that Harrison, Duke of Blackmore, was responsible for his sister's death and then killed Lucient's brother in a duel over the said sister's honor. So what did our clever Lucien do? He married Blackmore's sister of course! Naturally some level of ruination was commited. So Victoria, Blackmore's sister, was either to to be shunned from society or marry Lucien.

I don't usually mind cliche in my romances. But it has to be cleverly done. In this book it was just too simple. It made Lucien look kind of dumb. I mean to marry his sister, how is that fitting revenge? I am always wondering about that while reading these revenge-based plots in romance novels.

But let's not get technical here.

The writing is pleasant enough, but the plot is too simple for this book to be a great read. I am being very generous with my 2 stars because it is her debut novel and it is not poorly written. The characters are ok, at least not annoying. But they are thin characters, Lucient especially. His "madness", if any, is not fleshed out and seemed hollow at best. Victoria is an easier-to-understand character.

For plot development this book has got 1 star. There really isn't much else to say except that Lucient wanted to keep Victoria from her beloved brother and used that as revenge against Blackmore. But of course he fell in love with Victoria and for reasons none other than her thighs and you-know-where. So character development is also shot. Ms. Elisa Braden is not a poor writer but her storytelling skills could use further development, as are her plots and characters.

2 encouraging stars for a new writer