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Highlander Unchained

Highlander Unchained - Donna Fletcher Sigh, Donna Fletcher is one author who I repeatedly allowed to disappoint me. God knows why.

This is a trilogy featuring the same couple. I was curious about how Donna Fletcher would make it work. Would it just drag on?

Well the thing is, Dawn is described to be a "plain" woman. I never get why writers do that. It's fiction. Why can't we have someone who is attractive? She doesn't have to be Helen of Troy. But why do writers go out of their way to say that the heroine is "plain of features"?

It usually works like this: we are told the heroine is plain. But guess what, the hot guy has the hots for the plain woman. Now I am in a bind. My brain cannot reconcile: so the writer drilled it in us that she is not attractive but we are to imagine her having wild sex with a hot guy?

Speaking of sex, Cree and Dawn did nothing except for having sex. It gets old fast, really. You'd be surprised how quickly sex gets boring and irrelevant, if that's all that's holding a relationship together. And because of all the wonderful sex, Cree must be crazy about Dawn and this was supposed to make the book great.

I did not buy the relationship or the sex. It was like watching animals in heat reading this book.

I actually wanted to read book 2 because Cree's bride arrived in book 2 and so began Cree's wife-mistress dilemma. I wanted to see how that would pan out but Donna Fletcher's writing is.............so boring.........I hate to bad mouth a writer's writing prowess. I feel so disrespectful. It's just after reading quite a few books by this author, I regret to say that they are all of mediocre caliber. Superficial writing, lots of telling and cheap sex. I would like to see more depth in characters before I am forced down their sex life. That's always sorely lacking in Donna Fletcher's books.