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Once a Warrior

Once a Warrior  - Karyn Monk sigh........another woman dressing up as a lad story. I lost interests immediately. what's attractive in a dirty lad? once i get the image of the heroine as a man in my head the character is shot for me. a feminine woman is always feminine, doesn't matter what she wears. if she could pass off as a young boy, she isn't feminine enough for me.

And the heroine "filled herself with hatred" because the Black Wolf "did not come to her family's aid". This was around page 10. I disliked her on the spot when I read that line. Woman, he DID NOT KNOW YOU, DID NOT KNOW YOUR FAMILY, DID NOT OWE YOU OR YOUR FAMILY ANYTHING. How can you hate someone for not coming to your aid when they had absolutely no reason and no obligation to?? He did not owe her anything. Her whole stupid idea of hatred is built on a "vision". Someone told her the Black Wolf would come. So damn the Black Wolf for not charging to her rescue.

In the same logic I would probably need to hate Josh Hartnett for not proposing to me because my mama said one day my Prince will come and he did not! Talk about stupid eh, this heroine is one special kind of stupid.