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England's Perfect Hero

England's Perfect Hero  - Suzanne Enoch This was an interesting read for me. I don't usually like a book if I cannot feel the chemistry between the characters, which is true about this book, but I read it to the last line and followed its rather developed plots to the end, which is also a new experience with an Enoch book.

I was happy to find out that the hero for the 3rd book would be Robert, Tristan's war-injured brother. I literally went "yay" to my kindle. I thought him an interesting character in Tristan's story. Same thing goes for Lucinda. I liked how level-headed and kind and considerate she is (unlike Georgiana who would be usually too headstrong and impulsive for me and Evie who is kind of boring).

But lord do they make a boring couple. I kept turning the page waiting for the chemistry to happen. But it didn't happen for me in this book. For the life of me I just couldn't feel the attraction between them. Their interactions were missing something for me, I do not know what. Maybe it is Robert. I don't do well with a male leading character who is somehow a patient and the woman is his savior who saved him from his near-mental/near-death state. (This is usually the time I cue [b: Flowers from the Storm|360259|Flowers from the Storm|Laura Kinsale|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1275622146s/360259.jpg|788122].) And Lucinda telling her father what Robert asked her not to tell another soul, I thought that was very uncool. I can understand why she did it, being close to her father and having faith in him and all, it was not that far-fetched an idea for her to do it. But it did not help with her character.

But kudos to Enoch: I followed the story to the end because I just wanted to read on. She made me want to find out what happened in the story even though I was disappointed in the romance. In the end I read it like a myestery/war story. The romance was barely there. I never felt that Robert and Lucinda had feelings for each other, I was bored reading the 2 sex scenes, the stable one shocking. I also noticed that Enoch's heroines don't seem to know propriety. They are often virgins who have absolutely no problems losing their virginity to men who are at that time unlikely to pop the question. Not that I think you need the question to have sex, but do these women never think about the future? I find that a little hard to believe. They all give in a little too easily. I do not question the decision, but I question the ease with which they made the decision.

The entire series appears to be one of Enoch's most popular series. I have consistently given all of them 3 stars. I don't know what to think of that.