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The Rake

The Rake  - Suzanne Enoch I have had this book on my TBR for a while, since I have been home sick for 2 days, I decided to read it to pass the time I am forced to stay in bed. This book.......is a such a typical encounter between Suzanne Enoch and me.

The book started great, with Tristan and Georgiana, who had a "thing", the nature only known to the both of them. There isn't much else to the plot other than Tristan and Georgiana danced their little dance toward each other. I liked both characters, which is usually the case when I read Enoch. No one really outrageously stupid or immature, the conversations a joy to follow, the secondary characters delightful and the chemistry well drawn out.

I don't usually care for secondary characters but I think they warrant an honorary mention in this book. Enoch's secondary characters are great fun and add something to the romance, never there to prolong the story because the writer ran out of material. In this book it was Tristan's large family, I am not sure whether his brothers got their own books but I wouldn't half mind reading about them.

As much as I enjoyed the usual Enoch charms in this book, it also suffers from the same problems. Enoch's books rather hold up well in the last 30%. They start great, then become ok and finally end rather chaotically or anti-climatically. Her characters are easy to love but have little depth. Her plots are often holey and often historically inaccurate.

So there goes a typical reading experience with Enoch. A light-hearted read with likeable characters and not so memorable plots. I might re-read it after I have forgotten about the story, not before that.