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Stranger in My Arms

Stranger in My Arms - Lisa Kleypas I did not want to read this book. I highly suspected that I would not like that. But this is Lisa Kleypas. So I thought, even if I end up not liking it, it wouldn't be soooo difficult to read this book.

It was not so bad, honestly. I read on and let myself enjoy Kleypas's proses. It is just I don't like the heroine Lara. From very early on she gave me this impression that she was some kind of a saint. And she was. I think it is great and all that the characters show compassion. I just don't like when people "identify" themselves with their charity works. And Lara seemed like someone who "needed" her charity works to feel self-worth. Then it is not charity or compassion. It becomes self-serving under disguise. I find that extremely unattractive.

I don't know whether Lara did identify herself with her charity works. It is just as I read on I kept getting this feeling that Lara had nothing to dedicate herself to, so she chose the orphans. While I appreciate her kind heart, I cannot help but wonder, would she be equally devoted to her works if the real Hunter was not such an asshole and they had a love match and children together? I somehow doubt that. Lara seemed to be a woman who needed someone, something to love. She did not do the charity for the children. She did it because she needed someone to love and something to devote herself to.

When I dislike a heroine on such a fundemental level, it does not matter how great the book is. I don't like the heroine hence, I don't care about her story. Personal view, nothing against the book or Lisa Kleypas.