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The Seduction of an English Scoundrel

The Seduction of an English Scoundrel  - Jillian Hunter Very interesting book. It reminds me of those amusing moments while reading Oscar Wilde's plays.

That being said, I find it hard to take this book seriously. Jilian Hunter has a rather unusual voice in historical romance genre. In fact, I felt that I was reading a historical comedy more than romance.

The twists and turns, the plotting, the scheming, the getting back at you, the I love you out of nowhere..........if we ridicule some romances for their dramatic betrayals and contrived conflicts, this book is exactly that, only in the opposite direction. How the characters took all these significant life events in stide is astounding. Having one's reputation ruined for a young lady should be no laughing matters. But Jane appeared to not give a shxt about it. I am not big on historical accuracy since I cannot claim any expertise on the subject. But I seriously doubt some of the settings and behaviors are true to the time period.

I do have to give the book credit: I finished it. While reading it I had trouble suppressing a wicked smile. Some of the things they said......oh so witty.

This book is the 1st book in a long series, a family with many siblings. It seems like a light and comical version of [a: Mary Balogh|9759|Mary Balogh|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1267712180p2/9759.jpg]'s Bedwyn series. Cue: Duke of Bewcastle, Wulfric Bedwyn and Marquess of Sedgecroft, Grayson Boscastle. Bewcastle, Boscastle; potato, potato. Both have a large family with brothers and sisters. Both are "heads of the family" who want to run everyone's life. I mean, I cannot help but notice the similarities in the characters.

I imagine the author's style would appeal to readers who prefer lighter reads. Plus, disregard all period expectations and plot believability.