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Highlander Untamed

Highlander Untamed  - Monica McCarty I wanted to give the book 4 stars because like most of Monica McCarty's books, they are just a jolly good time. I ended up rating it 3 stars because I had to admit that the plot and character development are not very sophisticated, especially if you compare this book with the highland guard series.

Expect all the usuals with Rory MacLeod. Not an asshole. Alpha to the bones. Not much to say here. Isabel is beautiful and beautiful and so beautiful. She was a lady at the court and was kind in heart. All in all, a good archetype for the heroine role. (By that I mean, no warrior princess or girl wanting to be boys) One thing about Isabel that I did not like was that she wsa desperate for her family's attention. I don't like when either of the lead characters has an alternative emotional attachment, either to a child, to their original family, to their best friends, or anything of similar sorts. Duties and responsibitlies are no emotional attachments. I do want to see peopleing being responsible. But to desperately need affections from another source......it always makes me feel that the relationship is a poor subsititute. Or rather, I just do not like how that makes the characters appear to be "emotionally needy". It is not very attractive in my book.

So Rory and Isabel were the Scottish Romeo and Juliet. Also not much new there. Isabel was sent by her uncle to "infiltrate" the clan MacLeod or her own family would suffer. Rory of course expected as such. So they were just skirting around each other while both wanting to sleep with each other.

And I think that was it. The plot was ok, characters are also ok. Nothing spectacular. Just Monica McCarty's budding masterful storytelling that kept me going in this book. If you like Monica McCarty's style, it might be a good time-pass.