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Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers - Rebecca Sinclair This is one of those "late night downloads" which I succumb to after midnight, not wanting the night to end. I read the first 20 pages and thought the brogue really cool. It has an interesting premise and good start, but does not manage to keep my interest.

Connor was supposed to be this great warrior in the Borders. To avenge something against his brother Colin, which I could not figure out, he abducted his brother's English bride, Gabrielle and intended to marry her himself. Thinking all English are weak, Connor was already planning on Gabrielle's untimely death because he never though a delicate English rose would be able to survive the winter.

Gabrielle was the unfortunate podgy lady-in-waiting for Queen Elizabeth. Apparently she was often humiliated for her plus size and believed that she was, in modern day terms, too fat to be attractive.

I thought, the characterization is really interesting. Let's see how that would work out. Let no one say that I only like "traditionally pretty" girls as my heroines. I really wanted a good story for Gabrielle.

But somehow the plots really failed Connor and Gabrielle. I am not sure where the writer was going with the story. So Connor abducted Garbrielle, and? I kept waiting for the "I wonder what is special about this girl" moment and was just left hanging in the air. Other than being unfashionably overweight, I did not know what was special about Gabrielle. Other than some more abduction and some supposedly hot sex scenes, I kept wondering: so Connor is just one of those guys who like "a little more meat on his woman"? Then where was my "I don't know why but I think she is so sexy" moment? I mean either she entices with her brain or with her beauty. What is it? And Connor, other than giving really hot kisses and acting very surprised about creepily rejoicing in her "overflowing flesh filling your hands", what exactly is your role in this story?

I am sorry, this review appears to be another internal dialogue that I carry on when I meet characters who I have trouble understanding.

Overall, cool idea in terms of characterization. The lead characters are not half bad. But the plot development really failed to give Connor and Gabrielle the opportunity to become the couple they could have been.