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The Guardian (Return of the Highlanders #1)

The Guardian (Return of the Highlanders #1) - Margaret Mallory I know it is not supposed to be a funny book but I can't help it. The characters are kind of comical and I have the impression that the story was trying very hard to be a serious adult romance but only turned out to be a teenage high school sweetheart kind of story.

The writing is ok but I find the style and plots.......simple. I had trouble maintaining interests because it was all too......ugh.....I don't have another word, simple. It is not a very complex book. The relationship between Sìleas and Ian is kind of bland. I didn't feel that I wanted to see them together. I sensed no strong connections between them. Maybe it is the characterization. Maybe I will try another book from this writer then I will know better.

I feel however strongly compelled to ask the below questions to the following people:

1. @ The "forever in love with Ian" Sìleas: my dear girl I am curious, you don't know why Ian was angry about having been forced to marry you? He really didn't want to marry you or anybody back then. What's so wrong about that? You got what you wanted by marrying him and at the same time robbed him the chance and the right to choose his life partner. I would be damned angry too if I were him and I would want to say hurtful things to you too. Seriously, what did you expect? I know Ian was not nice to ignore you for 5 years and went on as if he was not a married man. But in case you did not get a memo: this is how people act when you force them into something that they have no intention of participating in. I do not see why you feel you have the right to be angry at Ian? I have no sympathy for your plight. You were mistreated by your stepfather, ok I get it. You should be grateful that at least you got to stay with Ian's family for those years when Ian ignored you. You got exactly what you wanted: to escape your stepfather. You are humiliated because you forced a man into marriage, not because the man was an arrogant ass. I am afraid, my dear disillusioned pitiful girl, you cannot force someone to love you. No amount of wishful thinking would do. Be it 5 years or 10 years of waiting for someone. That, is one single truth in love.

2. @ All the readers who blame Ian for his "mistreatment" of Sìleas: what's wrong with being angry when you are forced to marry someone who you didn't want to? And what's so wrong about being away for 5 years to avoid having to deal with someone you don't want to deal with? I wold do both in a heartbeat if someone forced my hand in matrimony and if I had the chance to escape. Sìleas was definitely the benefactor in the marriage. She got her protection and could call herself Ian's wife, which was what she wanted. She did not give a shxt about whether Ian wanted her as a wife. She just hoped with her pathetic heart that he would one day turn around. If that is not selfishness and stupidity, I don't know what that is. If anyone is mistreated, I should think it was Ian. He just wanted to help Sìleas but ended up having to marry her. I wish Sìleas wasn't the heroine of the story. She does not deserve a happy ending.

3. @Ian: lad how old are you? For the life of me I cannot figure out your exact age. Some say you are only 20. My poor boy. I know people say that you are cold-hearted and cruel to have left Sìleas for 5 years before you finally came home and that you are a cad to all of a sudden turn "interested" in Sìleas because you realized she was now "pretty". Yeah it was not very gallant of you to leave the girl like this. But I understand why you felt the need to rebel. If you could cease thinking with your John Thomas and stick to your gun and annul the marriage, that would be great. I know you can't do that. Aunt Margaret wouldn't allow it. But know this: you would have my support if you did.