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Every Night I'm Yours

Every Night I'm Yours  - Christie Kelley Skim-reading is key.

I realize that with such a plotline the book would be very "sexy". I guess while I do think great sex is wonderful and all, I am not as interested in another woman's self-discovery to sexual curiosity and satisfaction.

I was not certain who Avis was as a character. So she was a writer? a lady? a lady writer? a lady virgin? a lady virgin writer? a lady virgin writer who picked a sleazeball for a lover only to be rescued by less of a sleazeball but still a cad hero? "I am going to have great sex with you so that you will marry me" hero?

Sorry, you see my confusion here. I just don't get the characterization of Avis and Banning.

And am I the only one who thinks Avis and Banning are lame names for lead characters? I keep wondering: are other heroines in the series Hertz and Enterprise?

The book has a good start. I read the first 20 pages and thought hmm I could read this. But then I don't know why I started my usual heroine hating and kept wanting to throw a book at Avis. These "women who just want to have fun" type of heroines and I are not BFFs. I am going to ask a question which probably doesn't say much about me, but where are these women who go to men and say look I want to have sex are you up for a go, no strings attached? Perhaps I need to expand my social circle because I do not know any woman who did this and did not end up wanting more than sex out of the liasion.

Sorry I am off topic. As usual, I digress.

So book is ok, the beginning is really not bad, but the story deteriorates rapidly. The heroine is another "I am a spinster and have never had sex so let's find someone to show me what it is like" woman. The hero does not exist. I highly doubt a man would be thinking marriage when offered a tumble and just that. I venture to guess, using sex to "trap" (for the lack of a better word) a mate is more of a woman's thing. The bickering and resistance got old quick for me. It is just not my kind of story.