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Seduced by a Highlander

Seduced by a Highlander  - Paula Quinn I read 70% of the book, skim-reading here and there, then I started skim-reading, a lot.

I have read a lot of highland romances and this is my 4th from Paula Quinn. I have to say [b: Laird of the Mist|1530868|Laird of the Mist (MacGregors, #1)|Paula Quinn|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1331943549s/1530868.jpg|1522891], the first book is the the best and everything else just kind of....well....lost the appeal.

The story has a good premise. Tristan was the 2nd son of Callum and Kate from Laird of the Mist but he was a lot closer to his uncle, Kate's brother, who died by the hand of the Fergurssons. Isobel Fergursson, daughter of the Fergursson laird, grew up fatherless because her brother was killed by Tristan's family, to avenge Tristan's uncle. Clan feuds, you kill one of mine I kill one of yours. So on and so forth. They were suppposed to hate each other. Tristan fell in love. Isobel told him she hated him. Tristan continued his pursuit. Isobel said some more hurtful words, acted indifferently. Tristan came to Isobel's home, Isobel's many brothers hurt Tristan. Tristan stayed on to recover from his injuries. Somehow Tristan resolved the family feuding and supposedly Tristan and Isobel could not resist anymore. And need I say more?

I felt no romance. Just a rather boring story disguised in highlands glory. The story has no climax, no tension. The clan feuding is pretentious at best. It was like watching really bad acting. Rather painful. I still have I think 2 more books in the series and I am not crazy about the prospect of reading them after 3 disappointing books.