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One Good Earl Deserves a Lover

One Good Earl Deserves a Lover  - Sarah MacLean How did I not rate this book? I read it earlier this year and was not exactly overcome with joy.

I think Sarah MacLean can write a light-hearted story well. She is witty and her stories have a lightness to it, for the lack of a better word. It is not her writing that I did not take a liking to but rather the characterization.

The hero is unremarkable, he is just a brooding rake who is very good in pleasuring women, as they usually are. As often is the case, my problem lies with the heroine. Pippa is the academic type of a heroine, more interested in her scientific interests than people. That is ok. But Sarah MacLean has Pippa go to the hero and ask for "scientific information" on the sexual act. This is where I went, I am sorry, what?

This must be a personal thing so I must say my rating is personal and should not be taken as a direct reflection on the quality of the book. I mean with such a premise as a basis. this story is basically a lust to love kind of story. So what begins as an exploration of lust becomes budding love. This never goes down well with me. And the quest coming from the herione, makes it just that much worse.

I had major problems trying to establish some kind of affections toward Pippa but failed. I felt cut off to the heroine and could not bring myself to care whether she found love.

I feel there is little tenderness or love in the book. Just a lot of make-believe passion and "because I want to have sex with you you must be special" kind of false logic. Whether the affection is instant does not bother me so much. But this particular relationship fails to convince me of that instalove claim.